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Date: Due to other work commitments I won't have time to host the event in 2016, if you're interested in getting more involved with organizing this event, or possibly taking over the Event Director role, please get in touch with me: info"at"logsrocksandsteel.com

Logs Rocks and Steel is a multisport adventure race across the wild terrain of the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario, Canada. Participants have three courses to choose from: The Wolf Course, which consists of a 5k paddle, 14k mountain bike, and 5k trail run, The Championship Course, which consists of a 16k paddle, 45k mountain bike and 16k trail run, and new for 2014 The Adventure Race Course, which covers up to 60km of biking paddling and trekking. The Wolf and Championship courses are fully marked (except for the paddling legs, where minimal navigation skills are required). While the Adventure Race Course requires navigation by map & compass in all disciplines. All routes are jaw droppingly scenic, amazingly challenging and at the end of it all, absolutely rewarding!

A couple of Get Out There Magazine video race reports provides a great taste of what to expect in the event. The first was created in 2011 by Championship Course participant Stephan Meyer and the second in 2014 by Wolf Course participant Dr. Adam.



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September 17, 2014: The 2014 pre-race e-newsletter was sent to all registered participants today. If you didn't receive the email it can be viewed by clicking here.

April 24, 2013: The date for the 2013 event has been changed to Saturday September 21, 2013 in order to accommodate our new host site at the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve. We apologize in advance for any planning, or scheduling hardships this may cause. The change is the result of our 2012 host site, YMCA Camp Pine Crest recently changing their decision about hosting the event in 2013. We'd been working with camp staff through last fall and into 2013 shoring up plans and details for the 2013 event, however the camp has been having issues with their Cottage Association as some cottagers along Clear Lake Road (which we use to access the camp and during the cycling portion of the event) did not appreciate the increased traffic. In light of these circumstances, as well some communication break-downs within the camp we only recently found out they did not wish to host the event in 2013. We'd like to thank YMCA Camp Pine Crest for their hospitality over the past 2 years as we enjoyed working with camp staff and experiencing the beautiful venue and terrain of the Torrance Barrens. We also wish them well in their dealings with their Cottage Association and Town Council.

We're thrilled that Haliburton Forest is able to host the event as we'd considered this venue as a host site for LR&S in the past. For those who've never explored this area it's a massive 80,000 acre private reserve boasting hundreds of kilometres of multi-use trails, over 50 freshwater, spring-fed lakes and is blanketed with thriving new and old growth forests. These attributes, coupled with onsite accommodations and food services made for a perfect fit with the event. Feel free to visit the Haliburton Forest Website for more details, or preview the "Race Details" page to find out what's in store for the new 2013 Logs Rocks and Steel courses.

We've received some great testimonials over the years:

"The LRS was truly a amazing race! The course was a perfect mix of gorgeous paddling, epic yet fun mountain biking and some of the coolest running in ontario. The organization was second to none. It is an event that I would highly recommend to any outdoor enthusiast!"

Eric Batty (2011 Championship Course Solo male winner)
Team Trek Canada

"Extremely well organized by all...the camp site was perfect....the course was challenging (loved the water, sweated throught the bike and jumped/climbed through the run!) To top it all off a refreshing jump in the lake at the end made the race incredibly memorable."
Thanks for accomodating parent/kid teams.

Andy & Ryan
Team Caledon Canucks

"Great race course, awesome venue! I like the fact that you make a course that's suitable for those 'at the back of the pack' and we can still brag about the fact that we finished!
I am already training for next year."

Thanks, Marta

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great job you did on the course. The biking section was awesome...I always know a good bike route when I complete it with dirt on my face :) My partner and I (Pinecrest competitors) did end up on the championship course, but I have to say we enjoyed it, and I think it adds an edge to such a race when the red carpet isn't rolled out for you on the course, adds adventure and keeps competitors on their toes."

Great Job
Darla Coles

“Just wanted to give congrats on a great and well run race. We really enjoyed it. It was our first adventure race and we will be doing more including next years race. Maybe the Championship course. We were very impressed with the organization of the whole thing, everything went very smooth. The food and variety after the race as great and the prizes were good as well.”

Craig Garland

“Well done guys! Thanks so much for all the hard work and planning that you put in to insuring we all had an amazing experience. Loved the run (what a trail!), the paddle was great (although I suck at it)...the MTB portion was kinda ridiculously hard, but I can tell people I did it! In spite of that part, I hope the there is a Logs, Rocks & Steel 2009!!!!”

Mark Ciana

“Just wanted to let you know how much we (Team Human Factor) enjoyed your multi-sport race this past weekend. A great run leg, a stunning paddle and a bike leg that won't soon be forgotten.  Great work and I look forward to your future races. Happy Trails.”

Tom Bjelic

“I have to pass along my complete satisfaction with the Championship race course design. The trail run was the finest that I've ran in Ontario, the paddle was scenic and a true delight and the MTB section well! You nailed it! and us! There were precious few moments where we felt we could relax into a pace. In fact, I have to say that 99.5% of the time we had to earn every inch of the course we completed. Therein I feel satisfied and can justifiably refer your race to fellow Adventurers.”


“What a great time! Thank you so much for all your efforts and enthusiasm and creating a fantastic event. I did the Minden course and really, really enjoyed it. (Championship next year? I hope so!)   But back to this year ... that was a good challenge and a lot of fun. We asked for some adventure and you delivered. There was cursing during some of the hills and for sure on the portaging but that just made the finish even sweeter.
It was an awesome event, thanks again for all the hours to make it so successful. I had a great time, and very memorable."

Cheers, see you next year.
Gary Seed